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What is a group?

Group can be created if there is a set of numbers which needs to be messaged regularly. You can create multiple groups having multiple sets of mobile numbers.

How do I create a group?

1.   Click Create Group at the top right corner of the Active Groups section.

2.   Enter a group name in the Group Name field.

3.   Click Create Group to create the group or click Cancel to cancel the operation.

I want to send messages to only a few of my friends and I don't want to create a group only for that purpose. How can I do that?

You can use Simple Messaging to send message without having to create groups.

graphic : Simple messages are sent only to NON NCPR numbers.

Can I get new customers to Opt-in to my group?

Yes, you can now grow your customer base by providing your target audience with an option to join your group. In Group Settings select the Enable self join for the selected group. You then need to create a keyword or pick an existing one to be associated with this group.

You can then expose the keyword e.g. MYSTORE to your customers via offline collateral like stickers, coupons, pamphlets, newsletters etc.

Your customer can then choose to join this group and receive messages which you send to the group by sending a simple SMS in the format JOIN <Keyword>

Example: If you have a keyword, MYSTORE associated with your Group, anyone can join this group by sending an SMS JOIN MYSTORE to 9220092200.

What is the maximum number of characters that my message can have if my message is: a) in English; b) in other than English c) Flash message?

¨      You can type up to 2000 characters if your message is in English.

¨      You can type up to 500 characters, if your message is in another language.

¨      You can type up to 160 characters, if your message is a Flash SMS.

graphic : The ability to read messages in other languages depends on the receiver’s handset model (compatibility) and the mobile operators.

graphic : One unicode character is equivalent to four English characters for message sent in a language other than English(Unicode message).

graphic : If your message exceeds the predetermined character limit, then the last seven characters are taken away and To Be Continued is added to the message. This is counted as two messages.

Can I send a flash message?

Yes. You can send a flash message. However, it will not be delivered to CDMA phones as they do not support flash.

Can I send a message in Hindi?

Yes. You can send a message in any regional language. Create the message using a transliteration tool which allows you to type the message in the required language. You must then paste the message in the Post window under Bulk Upload.

graphic : In a message in a language other than English (Unicode message), one Unicode character is equivalent to four English characters.

graphic : CDMA phones do not support Unicode characters. GSM phones may or may not receive these messages based on the handset specifications.

How can I view the members of a particular group?

In the Manage Members link of a group click Download List of Members link on the right hand. This generates a .txt file listing the members of the group.

Can I change the name of a group?

Of course, you can! To do so, in the Group Settings of a group, edit the Group Name field and then click Save.

Can I add the same number to more than one group?

Yes, you can add the same number to multiple groups. This number will get message of all the groups.

I want to remove some of the members from my group. How do I do so?

1.   Click Manage Members and then click Remove Members.

2.   Enter the phone numbers you wish to remove from the group, separated with a comma OR select the Upload list of phone numbers check box and enter the path of the file in the Browse field.

graphic :  When you select one option, the other option is automatically disabled.

3.    Click Remove and then click OK to confirm the removal of members.

Can I post a common message to multiple groups?

Yes. Select the groups to which you want to post the message and click on Post. In the new window which opens enter the message and click on Post. The message will be sent to all the selected groups.

graphic : You can select the Post to all groups check box, for sending messages to all groups.

Can I send a message to a group through my mobile phone?

Yes. Click on Group Settings of the relevant group and select the Enable Mobile Access option. This will enable mobile access for the group.

Now add the mobile number from which you want to post the group and click Save. You can now send a message to the group via this mobile number.

To post a message through the phone, send POST GroupName Message to 567678080 or 9220092200.

Can I create a group without logging into my account?

You can create a group from your mobile phone, provided you have set the proper settings in your account. To use this feature, enable the Enable SMS settings from the account settings section.

I want to know the status of messages sent by me through my enterprise account. Where can I check this?

You can check this under the Delivery Summary and Message Usage Statistics port let on the Dashboard .

After how many complaints will my mask get blocked?

A mask will be blocked after 3 instances, where users in NCPR have received a message via SMS GupShup from the given mask.

Will I be fined? If yes, how much?

Yes, in case a customer complains about receiving SMS and he is part of the NCPR (DO NOT DISTURB) TRAI will block the mask. In addition to that there will be fines levied by TRAI for such an incident; these however will vary from case to case.