Extraordinary customer experience

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  • Enhanced customer delight
  • Improved user engagement
  • Visually appealing and better user experience
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Improved Brand visibility
  • Higher ROI from SMS messaging

GIP Messaging

GIP Messaging comes in 2 flavors and works on every device globally

GIP Native

Embedded in native messaging app,
works on certain phone brands

GIP Widget

Embedded in chat widget,
works on all devices

Easy to integrate, works on all devices

IP Messaging Service FAQ

An IP message (or IP messaging) is a form of "real-time messaging" where small messages are pushed to one or more devices through the Internet, using either WiFi or mobile data. It offers a low-cost alternative to SMS. Plus, it supports OTT (over the top) apps like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc., and Rich Communication Service (RCS) to enable meaningful, interactive and conversational messaging between businesses and customers. The device could be a Smartphone, another portable device, a browser, etc.

Businesses can leverage the Gupshup IP Messaging Service (GIP) in two ways for smarter, more conversational SMS messaging. They can either embed GIP in a native messaging app for certain phone brands, or use it as an embedded chat widget that works on all devices.

The Gupshup IP Messaging Service (GIP) works through a simple API that enables rich, interactive and conversational messaging. Setting up and using GIP is similar to (in fact, easier than) using other messaging channels, and requires only 3 simple steps.

  • In Step 1, set up a bot on GIP for your IP messaging service. Provide details such as the botname, user-facing display-name, logo and description.
  • In Step 2, set a callback to receive user messages via the Callback API. In this step, you can add either a bot URL if you have a bot answering user questions, or a customer support toll callback URL if you want your human agents to interact with users.
  • In the final step, you can send messages synchronously. The callback URL you define in Step 2 provides the response when it is called by GIP with the user message. No additional API integration is required, and your bot is now ready to work on GIP.

A modern IP Messaging Service like Gupshup enables companies to maintain an always-on connection with their customers, so they can automatically "push" data, messages, notifications, etc. to their devices at any time. GIP also provides robust and reliable security and encryption. This reduces any security risks, and also minimises the business' cost and complexity of maintaining a conversational messaging service.

The best way to incorporate IP Messenger into your brand's customer communication ecosystem is via an IP Messenger Service like Gupshup IP (GIP) Messaging Service. GIP is a revolutionary service to make your SMS messages smarter and more conversational.

With GIP, you can send messages with all kinds of features to your customers, whether it's cards, rich product images, or links. You can even set up automated chatbots to answer repetitive or common questions. Every message is secure and encrypted, and meant for the user's eyes only. Click here for a free demo.

IP Messaging eliminates the limitations of traditional SMS messaging to provide brands with a feature-rich customer communications option. Through an IP Messenger, you can deliver richer, more interactive user experiences, share information about new products, and engage with customers in an easy, accessible way. You can also send regular transactional messages, and share images, audio/video files or location.

Gupshup IP (GIP) Messaging Service provides a low-cost alternative to SMS. Try GIP for richer user engagement, enhanced customer delight, improved brand visibility, more conversions, and higher ROI from SMS messaging. Click here for a free demo.

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